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Planet of the Z-Bots is the epic conclusion to the Wonderland Adventures trilogy, and the largest Wonderland Adventures game yet. Travel to distant planets, meet new characters, solve new puzzles, and save Wonderland from the menace of the Z-Bots.

Planet of the Z-Bots Features

• Explore New Worlds:
An intense story line with many twists and turns will take you on a voyage to many distant planets. Explore the deserts of Barren, get lost in the jungles of Jaava, and uncover the mysteries of Uo. Only you can save Wonderland from the menace of the Z-Bots.

• Challenge Your Mind:
Puzzle lovers will delight in the 132 (!) game adventures, featuring many original and inventive puzzle designs. From AutoDoors to Z-Bot Motherships, from Suction Tubes to Star Trails, there are tons of new toys to play with.

• Return to the Fun of Wonderland:
Meet new friends. Make contact with quirky aliens. Uncover hidden secrets. Master the power of Flash magic. Discover the ultimate fate of Wonderland. Planet of the Z-Bots will delight new and old Wonderland players alike.

Some common questions & answers:

How can I get the game?
Planet of the Z-Bots is available for purchase, at www.midnightsynergy.com. Click here to order and play the game!

What hardware does it run on?
Planet of the Z-Bots will run just fine on any Windows machine of the past five years. It will work on Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, and older versions. It is not available for iOS, Android, etc.

Is there a free demo?
Not at this point. We have posted several gameplay videos, and of course free demos for the earlier Wonderland Adventures games. We chose to put all of our efforts into the full version at this time to give you the best game possible. Having said that, there will possibly be a free demo at some point in the future.

Do I need to have played the other games first?
No! Planet of the Z-Bots is a stand-alone game. While it does pick up the storyline from the end of Mysteries of Fire Island, all necessary information is available within the game itself. This includes some basic tutorials and refreshers. Still, if you have never played a single Wonderland Adventures game, we would still encourage you to try out the earlier games to get a good feel for them.

How big is the game?
Huge! Youíll be busy for some time!

How hard is the game?
There is a wide range of challenges in Planet of the Z-Bots. We structured the game so that a beginning player can see many of the game worlds without too much difficulty, but a player seeking some hard challenges will find plenty of opportunity. As always, some adventures require problem solving skills, some require careful exploration, others require fast fingers, still others require all three (and more!).

How good is the game?
Youíre asking us??? Honestly, we think itís by far the best Wonderland Adventures yet. The different planets have striking visuals and wonderful atmosphere. The adventures are well balanced and full of unique puzzles. And the story builds to a rousing conclusion that is sure to put a smile on any Wonderland fan.

You will think, you will wonder, you will run, you will jump out of your seat, you will laugh out loud. You will have a blast playing Planet of the Z-Bots!

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