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The Midnight Post
Issue #28: November 2018
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Welcome to
Peegue's Puzzle Extravaganza!

Our last newsletter announced the release of the new Ultimate Edition Midnight Synergy Games Collection DVD. Your response was overwhelmingly positive - thank you! - but we did get one question a lot...

... where did Peegue's Puzzle Page go???

In our excitement, we completely forgot about Peegue's regular feature in the Midnight Post. To make it up to the little stinker, we let Peegue take complete control of this issue. The result: Peegue's Puzzle Extravaganza!

There are four different puzzles to test your logic skills. As a bonus, each one comes with its own PDF format version, for easier printing and sharing.

So get those thinking caps on, and puzzle away!

Best Wishes,
The Midnight Synergy Team

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