This update requires that you have the full version of Intensity XS installed on your computer. The update will not work with the free demo version of the game.
Please check your version number first. If you purchased Intensity XS
after January 14th 2002, you already have Version 1.5.

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Version 1.5

Download (540kb)

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* Update v1.5

'New Feature' History:
  • Native Windows XP support.
  • Speed Adjust Option: Only available for some graphics cards. Allows users to adjust speed/smoothness of graphics and gameplay.
  • Two graphic modes: 'Standard' and 'Compatibility'. Standard Mode should increase performance on many newer graphics cards, including the GeForce cards.
  • Cheat Mode: Use with caution! A cheat mode should only be used if you are absolutely stuck, otherwise it can quickly ruin the game for you. Highlight the following only if you wish to know how to activate the cheat: PRESS SHIFT-ENTER TO TOGGLE ON/OFF
  • Torpedo Launchers (use Right Mouse Button)
  • New enemy craft: Torpedo Transport
  • Minor save-related bug fix
  • Several new enemy craft added (one new in demo)
  • Minor sound-related bug fixes
  • Limited Save/Continue Option ("Continue Last Game" option appears after a sector has been completed)
  • Minor Difficulty Adjustments

Installation Notes:

Unzip files into "Intensity XS" directory (backup that directory first, if you wish).
This patch will upgrade any previous version to v1.5.