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The Wonderland Game:
Community Spotlight

Three Community Highlights

Visit the Wonderland Community and Discussion Forum, a great place to discuss the game, share level solutions, and trade custom levels with other users. This month, check out these three highlights:

1. Easter Competition (organized by "HelloWorld"): Take your Stinkers on an easter-egg hunt! Visit the level exchange section to download and play a series of Easter-themed Return To Wonderland levels.

2. Wonderland Adventures Walkthrough (compiled by "mette"): We do have video solutions for Wonderland Adventures available, but if you're looking for even more Wonderland Adventures help, drop by the forum. Thanks to the efforts of many Wonderland Adventures players, "mette" has compiled a list of Star locations, level solutions, and more.

3. Custom Model Catalog (compiled by "jobec5"): This is a great resource for Return to Wonderland custom level designers: "jobec5" has started a list of all custom 3d models available on the forum. Now it's easier than ever to spruce up your level creations with new 3d models and art.

How To Log On

In case you haven't yet joined the Wonderland community, here's how to log on. From the Return To Wonderland main menu, select "Level Exchange". Once at the level exchange, register for your free account (you need a valid e-mail address) and read the forum rules. Then join the discussion, download the latest levels, or share your own creations with the community. Users who purchased either Wonderland Adventures or Secret Worlds directly from Midnight Synergy can also access the forum from the games' main menus.

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