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Peegue's Puzzle Page

Welcome to Peegue's Puzzle Page. Logic Puzzles, Mazes, and more... Peegue is always on the look-out for interesting puzzles for you to ponder and solve.

Here are two classic logic puzzles (as they would be told in Wonderland) for this edition's brain twisters:

Logic Puzzle #1

Three Stinkers and three Thwarts want to cross a river using a boat that holds at most two of them at a time. The Stinkers are a little nervous about the Thwarts, and so the Stinkers should never be outnumbered by Thwarts on either shore. Find a way for all six to safely cross the river. (Both Stinkers and Thwarts are able to handle the boat - alone, if necessary - but the boat cannot make the trip while empty).

Logic Puzzle #2

Z-Bots can only be programmed to either always lie or always tell the truth. It is impossible to tell which is which by looking at them.

A Stinker meets three Z-Bots, named A-Bit, B-Bit, and C-Bit.
"Do you lie, or do you always tell the truth?", the Stinker asks A-Bit.
"Bleep Bloop", comes the response.
"What did he say?", the Stinker asks B-Bit and C-Bit.
"H-E... S-A-I-D... H-E... A-L-W-A-Y-S... T-E-L-L-S... T-R-U-T-H.", says B-Bit.
"H-E... S-A-I-D... H-E... A-L-W-A-Y-S... T-E-L-L-S... L-I-E-S.", says C-Bit.

We will never know what A-Bit said, but we can tell if B-Bit or C-Bit tell the truth or tell lies. Can you?

These puzzles might take some time to work out, so don't give up too easily. Make time on a Sunday morning, grab a cup of tea or coffee, put your thinking cap on, and let the puzzles percolate in your mind.

If you think you have the answer (or you -gulp!- give up), you can send Peegue an e-mail at peegue@midnightsynergy.com. You will receive an automated reply with the link to the solutions. (Make sure that you add Peegue to your address-book if you use a spamfilter, so that the reply doesn't land in your junk folder).

Peegue is also always interested in hearing about new puzzles from all around the world. If you've come across an interesting puzzle that you think Peegue would like to know about, just e-mail us.

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