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THE MIDNIGHT POST * December 2007
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The Top Ten Freeware Games of 2007

It’s the holiday season, and major game companies have started to release many of their biggest and most expensive titles of the year. While there are sure to be some gems among the general blaring of marketing hype and hyperbole, we felt that this might be a good time to reflect on some of this year’s quieter releases: games that are simple, elegant, fresh, and, best of all, absolutely free.

We’ve scoured the net for this year’s freeware game releases and have compiled a list of ten outstanding free games. Games were selected based on popularity and critical reception at a number of review and discussion sites, as well as a healthy dose of our own personal bias.

Given the diverse nature of the free games on this compilation, we decided not to list them in order (but, rather, alphabetically), and hence not to crown a “best overall game”. Each of the games on this list is virtually guaranteed to entertain and is well worth checking out.

Genre: Puzzle
Install: Plays in your Browser - Click to Play.

Good puzzle games are rarely complicated. Bloxorz is an elegant little game based on Richard Tucker’s rolling block maze. You are simply required to roll an oblong block to the maze exit, but the particular geometry of the tumbling block demands careful planning. Later mazes are enhanced by switches, bridges, teleporters, and more.

Genre: Puzzle/Action
Install: Plays in your Browser - Click to Play.

In Fold you play the part of a small ant-like alien who can create anomalies. These anomalies act like gravitational force-fields, allowing you to hover over dangerous chasms, fling yourself into the air, or walk upside down along a ceiling. Fold is a delightful game with a very unique artistic style.

Grow Island
Genre: Puzzle
Install: Plays in your Browser - Click to Play.

A new game in Eyezmaze’s funny and imaginative Grow series is always a treat, and Grow Island might just be the best of the bunch. The “real world” setting of the game makes the puzzle’s solution more logical than other Grow games, and the existence of a (very different) alternate ending extends its playability even after the primary goal has been found.

Knytt Stories
Genre: Platformer
Install: EXE Installer - Click to Download.

Knytt Stories is a platform game with a Zen-like atmosphere. Control a tiny (and we mean tiny!) hero as you run, jump, and explore a vast world filled with a myriad different gameplay elements. Download additional levels from the game’s bustling online community, or even create your own with the Knytt Stories editor.

Genre: Puzzle
Install: Plays in your Browser - Click to Play.

Launchball is an educational puzzle game created for the London Science Museum. It plays like the classic “The Incredible Machine”, but uses realistic technology such as heat, light, and electricity. Connect machines to batteries or heat water to create steam power, all in an effort to transport a small metal sphere to the maze exit.

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