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THE MIDNIGHT POST * December 2007
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The Wonderland Games:
Community Update

First Custom Levels for Wonderland Adventures!

We released the free beta version of the Wonderland Adventures Editor in our last issue. Already a group of players have delved deep into the intricacies of the editor and have produced a wonderful set of new custom adventures to download.

To play some of these inventive creations, just log on to the discussion board, grab the free WA Editor/Player, and start a brand new adventure!

How do I Log On to the community?

This is just a reminder how to access the Wonderland Community and discussion board. From the main menu of your registered copy of Return To Wonderland or Wonderland Adventures, select "Level Exchange" or "Discussion Board". Once at the level exchange, register for your free account (you need a valid e-mail address) and read the forum rules. Then join the discussion, download the latest free levels, or share your own creations with the community.

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