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Community Update

A New Home for the Wonderland Archive!

Many of you are familiar with Mette's wonderful Wonderland website. By April of this year, she had collected, sorted, and archived an impressive number of custom creations for the Wonderland games.


Return To Wonderland:
* 13,524 (!!!) custom levels
* 762 models
* 225 houses
* 104 backgrounds
* 705 textures

Wonderland Adventures Editor:
* 316 custom adventures
* 111 textures
* 11 icons

With Mette deciding to take a well-deserved break from this on-going task, we have archived all of the material at the Midnight Synergy website. The new link is:


The site's content is an incredible testament to the creativity of the Wonderland community, and gives players of Return To Wonderland a one-stop opportunity to download (or re-download, if necessary) thousands of additional levels.

But that is not all. The site it is also home to a multi-language guide to Wonderland characters and objects, and a extensive collection of solutions to both Wonderland Adventures and Wonderland Adventures Mysteries of Fire Island.

This collective effort by many Wonderland community members has resulted in a complete guide to these games. Solutions are complete with text, images, videos, maps, and more! It's a great way to solve that perplexing puzzle, get that last star, find that last secret.

Of course, this community update couldn't be complete without a huge "Thank You" to Mette from us. Many, many users have found her collection a great help, and now this treasured material is archived at Midnight Synergy for future Wonderland players.

See you online.

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