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Classic Gaming Spotlight:
Retro Remakes Competition

Retro Remakes is a website dedicated to remakes of classic video games from the 1980s and 1990s, usually just-for-fun projects (and definitely not "officially sanctioned" releases). Other than a regular news feature, the site also hosts a yearly competition, in which programmers from around the world submit a modern remake of a personal favourite, an imagined sequel to a game that was never released, or even a mash-up of several classic games.

Last year, Midnight Synergy was one of the many sponsors of the Retro Remakes competition. We'd like to take some time to highlight a few of the games. All of these are free to download, so check them out!

The Empire Strikes Back

We discussed the classic coin-op arcade game "Star Wars" in a previous retrospection. As we mentioned then, a sequel based on the second movie was released as a conversion kit to the original arcade game.

This is a straight remake of this sequel, and it is a wonderful example of how to bring a a 20 year old game to a modern audience. Graphics and music have been thoroughly updated, while the qualities that made the game fun have been left untouched. Defend the rebel base on planet Hoth against Imperial Walkers, then escape with the Millenium Falcon through an asteroid field.

Click here for more game info, or click here for a direct download link.

Ultimate Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee was an early favourite on Atari, Commodore, and other home computer systems. Its blend of platform run-and-jump action, adventure exploration, and simply fighting game even earned it a spot on the Retro Gamer "Top 25 Platform Games of All Time". Of particular interest in this remake is the ability to play both the modern and the classic version of the game.

You take on the role of Bruce Lee. Use the arrow keys to move and jump, and the "Z" key to punch/kick. Avoid your two enemies - the Ninja and Green Sumo - and collect the lamps in the first three screens to make your way into the lower passages and beyond.

Click here for more game info, or click here for a direct download link.

Snakoban Dash

Here's a game for lovers of classic puzzles. This entry into the "8-bit Mash-Up" category combines elements of Snake, Sokoban, and Boulder Dash. It might not be the prettiest to look at, but the puzzles are really quite unique and interesting. And we know that box-pushing is something that is quite dear to many of you! :)

Click here for more game info, or click here for a direct download link.

Head over to the Retro Remakes Competition site for many other interesting entries, including an imagined sequel to Kung-Fu Master, a mash-up of Gauntlet and Bomberman, and even a mash-up of Tetris and Metroid (!?!). Have fun!

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