You must be a registered owner of Return To Wonderland Deluxe Edition (v2.0x) or Platinum Edition (v3.0x), or this update will not function.

If you do not already own one of the above versions,
you can purchase the complete game here.

Please check your version number first.
If you already have v3.01 you do not need to install this update.

If you receive an error after installing the patch, check that (a) you unzipped the updated files into your current Return To Wonderland directory (do not simply run Wonderland.exe from within the zip file) and (b) your version of Zip has successfully created and placed files in the CustomBackgrounds, CustomTextures, and CustomLevels directory.

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Version 3.00

Download (3847kb)

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* Update v3.01

'New Feature' History:
  • Default Custom Texture used for Custom Levels
  • Tons of new gameplay elements
  • Trampolines, Warp Gates, Sticky Cubes, and much more
  • Create CustomTextures and Backgrounds
  • A new 20-Level Platinum Adventure
  • GeForce 6800 compatibility fix
  • Penta/Star option now permanent
  • Random Memory Access Violation fix
  • Improved Custom Level compatability
  • Various smaller bug fixes

Installation Notes:

Unzip all files into your "Return To Wonderland" directory (backup that directory first, if you wish).

This will overwrite your existing Wonderland.exe files and add new *.res files as well as two new subdirectories.

This patch will upgrade any version from v2.xx to v3.01.

If you have v1.0x, click here to order.