This update requires that you have the full version of Wonderland installed on your computer. The update will not work with the free demo version of the game.
Please check your version number first. If you already have v1.17 you do not need to install this update.

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Version 1.17

Download (872kb)

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* Update v1.17

'New Feature' History:
  • Fixed small language bug
  • GeForce 6800 Compatability
  • Unlock All Worlds Option
  • Advanced Display Options
  • Access to Discussion Board
  • Five Free Bonus Levels!
    (access in Playground menu)
  • No-Time-Limit Mode
  • French Language Option
  • German Language Option
  • Improved Keyboard Support
  • Windowed Display Option
  • Minor Tweaks

Installation Notes:

Unzip all files into your "Wonderland" directory (backup that directory first, if you wish).

This will replace the Wonderland.exe file and add five *.lev files to your directory.

This patch will upgrade any previous version to v1.17.