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THE MIDNIGHT POST * December 2011
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Lost in Space!

The last time we saw or heard from the Stinkers, they were on their way into space to save Wonderland from impending doom. Many moons have passed, and there has been no signal from them. Did they fail in their mission to stop the Z-Bots? Are they still out there, somewhere in the icy fringes of space?

We've received many questions about the status of Wonderland Adventures 3: Planet of the Z-Bots. As some of you may know, the project was put on an indeterminate hold some time back. While we hope to have development start up again on the game (and we keep our fingers crossed for a release later in 2012), it does remain on hold for the time being. As soon as there are further developments, we will of course update the community with new pictures, videos, and hopefully a release date.

Since we didn't want an entire year to pass without any tidbits, we'll share with you a bit of information on three of the worlds that the Stinkers will have to visit on their quest to stop the Z-Bots:

Barren is a dusty ball of dirt and rock. Long believed to be completely uninhabitable, the planet's underground cave systems has a few surprises in store.

Java is covered by deep, dark jungle, as well as vast oceans. It is teeming with life, not all of it friendly.

Uo is the furthest from Wonderland, a tiny world at the edge of our perception. Magic functions differently on Uo, and some believe that this distant place filled with strange colours, sights, and sounds may just harbour some of the greatest secrets of all.

Now don't hold your breath - it will still be a while - but hopefully this year will see a return to Wonderland.

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