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THE MIDNIGHT POST * December 2011
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We were very suprised to receive an email from Swedish game developer Daniel Remar about his latest project, Hyper Princess Pitch. His latest game is an homage to our very own 1996 DOS blaster, Operation: Carnage!

Hyper Princess Pitch (the title is a word play on Princess Peach and her high voice) takes the Operation: Carnage game mechanics and puts them in a tongue-in-cheek holiday setting, as Princess Pitch battles it out with the good Mecha Santa and his army of elves. The game is very well made, and lots of fun! You can download the game for free at Daniel's homepage. Thank you to Daniel - we are very honoured (and quite flattered)!

And if you want to try out the original Operation: Carnage, you can download the original DOS games at our ancient history page. You may have to fiddle with the compatability settings on some computers to make the game run properly on modern systems. Have fun!

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