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The Midnight Post
Issue #7: October 2006
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It's party time!

This issue marks two landmarks for us:

(1) The first issue of the Midnight Post was launched one year ago, making this the first issue of the newsletter's second year.


(2) Exactly four years ago, a little game called "Wonderland" was released on the Midnight Synergy website. Happy Birthday to Stinky, Loof, Qookie, and Peegue!

First of all, a great big "Thank You" to our player community for your continued support.

As a birthday special, we're introducing a reduced price for our Midnight Synergy Games Collection. You can now get all of our games, complete on CD, for only $49.95 plus shipping/handling. The holiday season is approaching fast - why not take advantage of this special offer and consider giving our games as gifts to friends and family.

Here's what else awaits you in this issue of the Midnight Post:
Development Update: Wonderland Adventures
Community Spotlight: Halloween!
Classic Gaming: The Commodore 64
C64 Nostalgia - A Trip Down Memory Lane
Take the C64 Retro Challenge
Peegue's Puzzle Page

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