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THE MIDNIGHT POST * October 2006
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The Wonderland Game:
Community Spotlight

It's Halloween in Wonderland!

There's an air of spookiness in the Wonderland discussion forum these days. A halloween contest organized by users "mette" and "Loirae" has resulted in a new set of nineteen levels filled with spooks, ghosts, and pumpkins. Take Stinky and Loof trick-or-treating with you this month.

You can download the entire series, complete with all custom graphics and models, at the Wonderland Discussion board. Look for the Halloween thread, and unzip the contents into your Return To Wonderland (Platinum Edition) directory - the zip file already contains the CustomLevels/CustomModels/etc subdirectories.

Don't forget to also log onto the Wonderland Discussion board to share your comments with the levels' authors and vote for your favourites. A big thanks to "mette" and "Loirae" for organizing the contest and to all of the level designers for their entries. Good luck in the competition!

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