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The Commodore 64
Retro Challenge!

How well do you remember the sights and sounds of the Commodore 64 era? Try our Commodore 64 Retro Challenge. Submit your answers, and you might just win a prize!

Here's how to take the challenge:

Part 1: Screenshots

Below are twenty mini-screenshots from twenty Commodore 64 games. How many games can you recognize? Lists your answers, that is, the game from which each screenshot is taken, by row (from left to right) numbered #1-#20.

Part 2: Music

Now click on the link below to download and listen to an MP3 of eight musical snippets taken from Commodore 64 games. Again, list your answers, that is, the game which features the given piece of music, numbered #1-#8. Warning: this one is tough, so don't worry if you don't recognize too many (or any?) tunes (see below).

Click here to listen to the music mix.

Bonus Question: One of these tunes is actually a conversion of a classical piece of music... who is the original composer (e.g. Bach, Mozart, etc.)?

How to Enter!

Simply send us a message with all twenty-nine answers (20 from Part 1, 8 + Bonus from Part 2) as well as your full name. Make sure to put "C-64 Retro Challenge" into the subject line. Entry deadline is Saturday, November 11th, 2006, 10 PM EST. One submission per family/household only, please. Winners will be contacted via e-mail a few days after the deadline.

If you can't answer all questions, that's ok: just guess a game for the missing slots and send in your e-mail... you could still win (see below). In fact, we do not expect too many people to get anywhere near perfect scores.

We will total the correct answers received and award a score out of twenty-nine. Of the thirty (30) submissions with the highest scores, we will randomly select five (5) winning entries (hence an entry with a lower score still has a chance of winning). One Exception: If there is a single entry with an absolut highest score (that is, no ties), then that entry is guaranteed a win, and the other four winners will be randomly decided among the next twenty-nine (29) highest scores.

What can I win?

Each winning entry will receive a free copy of our next game, Wonderland Adventures, on its very first day of release. Good luck, and have fun!

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