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Community Update

Two Wonderland Community Updates in this issue:

1. Anniversary Level Competition:

With the 5th Anniversary of the Wonderland games approaching fast, we're hosting an official Return To Wonderland Level Creation Competition on the games' discussion board. Create an "Anniversary"-Themed Wonderland level for your chance to win prizes!

For full competition rules, visit the Wonderland Community site today.

2. "My Favourite Level":

With several thousand user-made levels now available for Return To Wonderland, the choice of levels can be a bit overwhelming at first. To help showcase a few selections, we're introducing a new segment to the Midnight Post. Send in your favourite user-made level (or one of your favourites, if the choice is too difficult), including a link to its forum thread and a short description of what you like about this level. Any entries received by September 15th will be thrown into a giant hat, and one entry will be selected to win a free downloadable copy of one of our games.

Here are this issue's selections:

Cathy wrote in to recommend Liz Mayhew's Bowling for Coins (also download this custom texture for the full effect). Her comment: "The level reminded me of a real bowling alley, but I had more fun with this one! :) You needed to time your shot with the moving travelator in order to move down the alley. It was a fun level to do over and over again, even after reaching the gold."

Gen suggested sfseaman's Reversible "airs". "This is a challenging level with great puzzles and diversion. There are buttons to be covered, transporters to deal with, boulders, reflectors, prisms, a generator, a conveyor, and cannons. Good old fashioned Wonderland play!"

And kiki picked one of his own: Quest for the Source of Gold Stars (requires this custom texture and custom model). "I like this level because it has alot of different elements of wonderland and is a grand adventure. The finish is a fun end to the quest for the source of gold stars. Hehe!"

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