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The Atari 2600 Retro Challenge

We had a lot of fun with our Commodore 64 Retro Challenge last year and decided to repeat the competition for the Atari 2600.

The Challenge:
Click on the image below to view a video of short gameplay snippets from fifty Atari 2600 games. How many games can you identify?

How To Enter:
To enter into the competition, simply send us an e-mail with the subject line "Atari Competition". Your e-mail needs to include:
1. A list, numbered 1 to 50, of the games shown (in order) in the video. If you don't know one or more titles, guess or leave it blank.
2. Your full name and mailing address. Adresses are only used to (a) ensure that a person doesn't enter more than once using different e-mails and (b) mail you your prize, should you win. Adresses will be deleted once the competition ends.

Entry deadline is September 15th, 2007. Only one entry per household is allowed.

Each correct answer for video segments #1 to #50 is awarded with one point. The top thirty submissions will be selected (or more, if there are tied scores) and from them five entries will be randomly drawn to win (hence you can potentially win even without a perfect score). Each winner will receive a copy of our Midnight Synergy Games Collection CD.

Have fun, send in your entries, and good luck!

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