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THE MIDNIGHT POST * November 2009
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Wonderland Illustrations Collection

A few years back we commissioned the graphic artist who worked on the Wonderland Secret Worlds illustrations to create a collection of illustration components for Wonderland characters. The intent was to have a flexible system to create illustrations as needed for a variety of projects, including the newsletter.

As a little Wonderland bonus, we thought we would make these illustrations available as a free download to the player community. We hope you will enjoy playing around with them to create your forum avatars, make your own Wonderland comics, or just come up with silly images.

You can download the entire file here: illustrations.zip

Illustrations are given in both PNG and BMP format. PNG is likely your preferred option, as it contains a transparent background. There are collections for several viewpoints (front, back, side and three-quarter), as well as a separate image for some of the other game characters.

Please share your creations with the community. Check by the Wonderland community forum for a thread to upload your own fun and silly creations. Such as the one we put together: the fabulous four release their latest studio album: Wonderland Abbey Road!

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