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THE MIDNIGHT POST * November 2009
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Retro Spotlight:
Retro Game Videos

This issue's Retro Spotlight is a little different. Rather than looking at a particular vintage game or game system, we have a selection of user-made videos on the retro gaming subject. There's an amazing amount of enthusiasm and talent out there, and some people have come up with some truly stellar short movie ideas. Here are eight of our favourites. Click each of the images below to play the videos on YouTube:

Game Over

A stop motion recreation of classic arcade games featuring common food and household items, including cupcakes, fried eggs, and pizza slices!
Lego Donkey Kong

A perpetual Donkey Kong machine built entirely out of Lego, complete with music, rolling barrels and jumping Mario.
Hamster on the Run

Someone actually rebuilt the levels from the classic Jump'n'Run game "Monty on the Run" out of cardboard, then made his/her pet Hamster complete the obstacle course.
Sheep Can Play Pong

Bored? How about a plan to fix LED lights to your sheep and train your sheep dogs to herd them as to re-create a Pong game at night. That should keep you busy for a while.
Pac Man Techno Tribute

This is just a very dynamic tribute video to all things Pac Man set to a pounding techno dance track. You'll definitely be itching to play a round of Pac Man after watching this.
Appartment Block Tetris

A Finnish group turned the window lights of an appartment highrise into a giant pixel display. Then they decided to play Tetris and Space Invaders on it.
Human Space Invaders

Pack ninety of your closest friends into a movie theatre, then move and a photograph them a frame at a time to re-create a game of Space Invaders. Sounds fun!
Atari "The Fly"

This one is not user-made, but it is one of our favourite vintage Atari commercials from the 1980s. Someone should make a game using that style of 3D graphics.

And there you have it, eight of our favourite videos covering the amazing ingenuity of retro gaming enthusiasts. Let us know if you enjoyed this selection, we might well be back with a "Volume 2".

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