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THE MIDNIGHT POST * November 2009
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Midnight Synergy:
Community Update

A Haunted Level for Return To Wonderland!

This edition's Return To Wonderland spotlight goes to a halloween themed level designed by users 'LeMarquis' and "Muzozavr', with additional model work by 'popo'.

The level is title "Thrick or Threat!" and can be downloaded from the Wonderland community forum. It's a visual treat filled with custom textures and models to put you in that spooky puzzle solving mood. Be warned, though, that this is definitely not a level for beginners. This is a tough puzzle that only a handful of people have solved so far. It's a perfect thing for those dark autumn evenings (and, just in case, the designers will be uploading a video solution in the future).

Wonderland Adventures Editor Activities

We tend to focus a lot on the activities surrounding the Return To Wonderland community, but we also want to highlight some of the recent activities in the Wonderland Adventures section of the forum.

For example, user 'cbloopy' managed to reverse engineer the level code of the game into a workable hub system (allowing you to link several levels into a larger storyline). A community project headed by 'Qloof234' is in progress to put together a larger adventure series using this hub system. 'Qloof234' is also putting together a series of adventures based on the popular computer game 'Portal' (click here to view a little preview spoofing the original portal trailer). Then there's a game modification called "Rainbow's End" by 'Com Rante', a giant list of tricks and tips to hex edit the existing editor, and much more.

While much of this work is still 'in progress', a lot of exciting user projects are well worth checking in on. We will definitely keep our eye on these developments.

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