Return to Wonderland
Platinum Edition
Level Editor - User Guide

The following pages have been created to guide you in your level creation efforts. We strongly suggest that you work through these pages in their given order, that is to begin with the three tutorials, and only move on once you are comfortable with their content. The tutorials will give you all the basic skills required to create your own levels from scratch.

After completing the tutorials, we recommend reading the general guidelines and browsing through the reference pages to get an idea of what information is available.

Above all, as always, have fun!

Tutorial 1 - Our First Level!

Tutorial 2 - Adding Puzzle Elements

Tutorial 3 - Sizing Levels

General Guidelines for Level Creation

Puzzle Ideas

Reference - Tile Categories

Reference - Objects

Reference - Other Editor Options

Advanced Option - Custom Houses

Advanced Option - Custom Models

Advanced Option - Custom Textures

Note: Make sure to visit the Level Exchange. From within your Return To Wonderland main menu, select "Level Exchange". Here you can ask questions about the game and editor, and upload and download new level creations.

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