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THE MIDNIGHT POST * February 2006
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Games, Games, Games!

We were hearing peristent rumours of the existance of games other than our own.

Impossible!, we thought.

But an exploration of a new gadget called "the internet" lead us to the discovery of many other games, some of them even good! ;) This month we present four games of other independent developers that we feel are interestesting and unique. Each is more than worth checking out.

DROD (Puzzle Adventure)

Swordplay, puzzles, and a unique sense of humour combine in this thinking person's dungeon crawl. Contemplate each move in order to outwit foes, avoid traps, and meet the many characters that inhabit this strange world. DROD: Journey to the Rooted Hold is a maddeningly clever puzzle game featuring 350 rooms over 25 sprawling levels. There's even a level editor and online community.
Click here to download the free demo.

Professor Fizzwizzle (Puzzle)

Professor Fizzwizzle
is a feast for puzzle lovers! Use brains and gadgets to guide the diminuitive genius to his goal. The game features over 230 levels, including a special set just for kids, an "advanced" section for seasoned puzzle veterans, as well as a free level editor.
Click here to download the free demo.

Cute Knight (Role Playing Game)

Cute Knight is a breath of fresh air in role playing games. You play the role of a young orphan girl trying to make her way in a medieval world. Earn money by working at a local tavern, volunteer to help the sick at the church, go to school and learn about magic and swordplay. Oh, and then there's that mysterious dungeon just waiting to be explored. Cute Knight has 50 different storybook endings... discover your past and shape your future.
Click here to download the free demo.

Wordlers (Word Puzzle)

Try to imagine a combination of Wonderland and Scrabble, and you might get an idea of what awaits you in Wordlers. Like Scrabble, you need to form words over a board that contains double and triple letter and word value squares. Like Wonderland, you need to push letter tiles around without getting yourself stuck in a corner, collect bonus points and get to the exit while avoiding obstacles like holes, walls, ropes and more.
Click here to download the free demo.

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