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THE MIDNIGHT POST * February 2006
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Development Update

We often receive requests for information on upcoming projects and the future of the Wonderland series. Starting with this issue of the Midnight Post, we will from time to time let you know what’s cooking in the Midnight Synergy kitchen.

Important Disclaimer: Any project, especially one in the very early phases of development, can go through many changes, delays, and may even be canceled completely. Nothing described herein should be interpreted as a feature list of any final game, and no commitment is made by Midnight Synergy to deliver the game described.

The Road To Wonderland

We are now in the early development phase of what will tentatively be the next big Wonderland game. It is a complete re-imagining of the series, designed around an entirely new gameplay engine. While concepts are still being fleshed out, the game will fuse the puzzle elements of the “classic” Wonderland trilogy with all-new adventure and role-playing elements. Rather than having a simple and linear level progression, you will be able to explore the world of Wonderland freely, meet and talk to other computer-controlled inhabitants, go on quests, discover new areas, and much, much more.

The game will likely take place some time after the “classic” trilogy. The Rainbow Coins have all been found, and magic has been restored to Wonderland. But a small incident suddenly sets in motion a series of events and quickly evolves into an epic adventure.

Game Play

Basic gameplay will be quite distinct from the “classic” trilogy. One major difference will be its control - this will be the first Wonderland game played with the mouse. The new control method will in itself require some changes. For example, much of the internal game logic will no longer be strictly “tile” oriented. Instead, you will be able to move Stinky around a level in a fluid manner.

Gameplay goals will be a lot more varied than before and will not just consist of collecting keys/coins and finding the exit. For example, one level might require you to rescue a group of trapped Stinkers. Once discovered, the Stinkers will then follow you through the level. They must be kept safe from danger, but they can also be directed to activate gates and help solve puzzles.

Another early gameplay design revolves around the discovery and use of objects, some with magical properties. While it is unlikely that we’ll see Stinky with a pointy hat and a wizard’s wand, there are many intriguing puzzle designs that arise out of the use of magic. One object might give Stinky the ability to freeze monsters in place. The same ability applied to a river will form a frozen bridge across it. As with everything else, these designs and plans are constantly in flux - at this point it’s not known what will make it into the final game.

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