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THE MIDNIGHT POST * February 2006
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Peegue's Puzzle Page

Welcome to the third edition of Peegue's Puzzle Page. As you know, Peegue is the mayor of Wondertown and, as such, comes across all sorts of problems that need to be solved.

This time Peegue is in a real pickle. A puzzle consisting of sixteen cards featuring pictures of friends and foes has been scrambled. The sixteen pieces need to be re-assembled into a four-by-four square, such that all pictures line up properly. For example, the top-half of a Stinky picture must be matched with the bottom half of a Stinky picture. Obviously, nothing needs to be matched along the outside of the big square. Can you help Mayor Peegue set things straight again?

If you wish to print and cut-out the playing cards, you can download and print a hi-res image of all the cards for easier cutting.

This puzzle might take some time to work out, so don't give up too easily. Make time on a Sunday morning, grab a cup of tea or coffee, put your thinking cap on, print and cut out the squares and just play with them a little.

Some Hints:
While it is possible to solve this puzzle using simple "trial and error", you'll succeed much more quickly by trying to use logical deduction. A first step might be to find out what tiles must go along the edges and corners.

Highlight the following paragraph with your mouse (left-click and drag) in order to reveal a hint on how to help determine what belongs along an edge:
[START HIGHLIGHTING HERE:] There are some tiles that don't have a match. For example, the ghost heads don't have matching bottoms. There are also some "mirror-imaged" pictures, such as a flipped Stinky that has no matching tile. All of these must go along the edges of the big square.[STOP HIGHLIGHTING HERE]

If you are still completely stuck, highlight the following paragraph to get the first step of the solution:
[START HIGHLIGHTING HERE:] Start by placing the tiles with the red centers into the four corners. Use the first hint to determine a proper orientation.[STOP HIGHLIGHTING HERE]

If you think you have the answer (or you -gulp!- give up), you can send Peegue an e-mail at peegue@midnightsynergy.com. You will receive an automated reply with the link to the solutions. We will also use the opportunity to ensure that your current e-mail is on our mailing list so that you don't miss future editions of the newsletter. (Make sure that you add Peegue to your address-book if you use a spamfilter, so that the reply doesn't land in your junk folder).

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