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THE MIDNIGHT POST * February 2006
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The Wonderland Game:
Community Spotlight

Level Spotlight: Kids Competition

Another newsletter, another wonderful set of custom levels to spotlight for you. Last month the community held a competition to create levels specifically for kids. The result is a colourful blast of bouncing trampolines, wacky visuals, and tons of fun. You can download the entire set of entries right here. Unzip the contents of this file into your Return To Wonderland Platinum directory - it will automatically create subfolders for the custom levels, 3d models, and custom graphics. Congratulations to all participants, but especially to community member "Lillian" for her winning entry, #G (with 3D models by "popo").

Minor Update: RTWP 3.01

We have one small software update for you this issue. Return To Wonderland Platinum has been updated to version 3.01. The only change is that the game now allows a custom level to be loaded even if a custom texture cannot be found (the game will automatically revert to the default texture). This is a small fix for those of you who sometimes have difficulty downloading custom textures. The upgrade can be found right here.

How To Log On to the Wonderland Community

This is just a reminder how to access the Wonderland Community and discussion board. From the Return To Wonderland splash screen or main menu, select "Level Exchange". Once at the level exchange, register for your free account (you need a valid e-mail address) and read the forum rules. Then join the discussion, download the latest free levels, or share your own creations with the community.

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