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THE MIDNIGHT POST * February 2006
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Development Update (continued)

The World Engine

Players who enjoy making their own worlds will get a kick out of the immense flexibility of the game’s level creation system. Let’s talk a little about water in order to illustrate this flexibility. Gone are the days of simple “one size fits all” water or lava tiles. The level editor lets you provide your own graphics and use them however you wish. You can, for example, provide your own water textures to make a green slimy bog instead of a nice clean lake. But you can do much more: provide a grey-ish texture and raise the water level to Stinky’s waist, and you have nice morning fog effect. You can control the direction in which the water flows as well as the choppiness of the water, making both a serene pond and a stormy sea a possibility. You can even make the water texture glow and create a magical underground spring or a radiant lake of molten lava.

Many Return To Wonderland players have enjoyed the ability to create and share their own levels with others. We hope that the new game will add a whole new layer of creative possibilities.

A First Look

We debated whether or not it would make sense to include a screenshot at this point. No new visuals have been created for the game yet, and hence everything pretty much looks like “classic” Wonderland. Major changes in the visual style are possible (even probable), and the final game might not look anything like this very early image.

But, just for fun, here’s an image of what’s playing on our screens right now. Speculate away!

When, when, when?

It is impossible at this point to give any kind of anticipated release date. As mentioned, the game is still in a very early stage of development, and many things can still change. We hope, however, to have things wrapped up before the end of 2006.

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