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Issue #3: February 2006
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Hello again!

Here's what's new at Midnight Synergy, for February 2006:

We're happy to report that the Return To Wonderland Platinum Edition has been a terrific success. Already more than 700 brand new levels have been created using the new gameplay elements in the last two months alone. The sheer variety of user creations continues to be amazing: whether bouncing Stinky and friends on a maze of trampolines, exploring 3d levels with brand new custom graphics, or discovering hidden glitches such as the "ghost Loof" phenomenon, each level seems to bring something new to the table.

And while we are thrilled about the continued joy the "classic" Wonderland game trilogy bring our players, we are also looking toward the future of the series. In this issue, we have a (very) sneak peek at what might lie ahead in the world of Wonderland.

We also have scoured the internet for some games by other independent developers, and we have selected four titles that we feel are definitely worth downloading. With a little adventure, some role playing, and lots of puzzles, these four games, each with a free demo, are sure to provide many hours of fun.

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In this issue:
Games, Games, Games!
Development Update
Development Update (continued)
Community Spotlight
Peegue's Puzzle Page

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